Traveling is about meeting new people, sleeping under different stars, tasting new spices and connecting with people across borders, cultures and worldviews. In this podcast, we meet inspiring travellers that have taken the step out of their comfort zone and national borders to pursue extraordinary adventures. Where does your next journey take you?


19 years as a captain at the world’s oldest steamer

Harald Peter Rasmussen got certified as a captain when he was close to 60 years old, and had more than 19 years on the world’s oldest steamer, which is still functioning today, Skibladner. He shared amazing experiences about the biggest white swan at Mjøsa, and in addition he shared travel tip from the Norwegian coastline. Episode in Norwegian.

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Martial art on Iceland

 Erlend Schultz Kristoffersen is telling us about his life as professional martial artist, and gives great travel advice for people who wants to visit the beautiful nature of Lofoten, and city life of Trondheim in Norway. Episode in Norwegian.




Travel the world with the family

Beate Larsen and her husband took their two sons (aged 5 and 8) out of school and kindergarten, quit their jobs and rented out their house to travel the world for almost a year. Hear about all the amazing experiences they had, all the things they’ve learned as individuals but also as a family, and how the five year old tricked the whole family in the roller coaster. Episode in Norwegian.

Ingunn i hengekøye.
Lifestyle of a digital nomad

Ingunn Hegge left her job as a hairdresser in Norway in favor of living life as a digital nomad. She sure knows how to trigger the desire for travel, but she also shares how yoga helped her cure the fear of flights, and how she together with TravelBeats now is putting up online courses on exactly these things.
Episode in Norwegian.

Roundtrip in Asia with a 13 year old 

Hanna Camilla Kulander planned her trip to Asia together with her deaf son and shares amazing stories about everything from how to travel with children, to cooking classes for street children in Hoi An, beach clean ups, homestays and wake up calls by whistles on Bali. Well worth a listen for those wondering what to plan together with your kids! Episode in Norwegian.


28 times to Rome and Italy with Åge Asklund

Before the corona crisis hit Norway, Åge Asklund shared his personal travel experiences from his big love for Italy with us. From working with numbers and economies he has changed direction towards journalistics and photography, which has lead to magical and unforgettable experiences. Episode in Norwegian.


The meeting with Chernobyl while corona hits Norway

Right before the boarders closed to Norway Linn Michell Alnes is taking off to Kiev. In this episode she share her thoughts about how it was leaving the country at this time, and the exciting and knowledgable meeting with Chernobyl in a very strange time. Episode in Norwegian.

South American adventure and the spring break of all time

In this episode, Erlend Skagestad recounts the most magical memories from his childhood in Spain as well as his time of studying in the US. He further touches upon his epic spring breaks in both Nicaragua and The Dominican Republic. Episode in Norwegian.

Home away from home in Zimbabwe

In this episode, Thandeka Victoria Pilime shares her stories growing up a city girl in Zimbabwe. She provides tons of inspiration on why you should visit this magical country. Episode in English.

From rural charm to the bustling city life of Zambia

Brighton Musanje was born and brought up on the countryside of Zambia, but now lives in the city. He takes us on a magical journey of storytelling through the traditions and culture of his beautiful country. Episode in English.



From witchcraft on Madagascar to “the Travel Blogger of the year” -Award

Ever since she wished for a globe as two-year old, Linn Krogh Hansen’s biggest passion has been to travel! She’s a journalist and social anthropologist by profession and this episode will grant you a unique insight into life as a master student on Madagascar as well as Linn’s take on winning the Travel Blogger of The Year Award in 2018. Episode in Norwegian.

Crossing the Globe-twice(!) with Gunnar Garfors 

Gunnar Garfors was the first person ever to visit all the word’s countries – not once, but twice! He just published his second book; Elsewhere, and both this episode and his book will give you insight into his most incredible memories from the world’s least visited countries. Episode in Norwegian.


A gap year out the ordinary

Sparkling volcanoes, wild gorillas and vibrant festivals; two young globetrotters recount their adventures across the globe. Episode in Norwegian.

Travel Talks Pilot

Norway’s brand new travel podcast is here to inspire you! This teaser will give you a taste of what’s to come! Episode in Norwegian.



TravelTalks is hosted by our TravelBeats team in Norway, an experienced group of adventurers bitten by the travel bug and ready to inspire your next adventure!



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